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Glass Viewports

Larson Electronic Glass offers a selection of viewports with glass, fused silica, and sapphire windows. The three have different optical and physical properties suitable for a variety of different applications.

Glass provides a large distortion-free viewing area at a moderate cost. is suitable for applications requiring good ultraviolet radiation transmission. Fused silica also offers superior resistance to thermal shock. Sapphire has superior IR transmission characteristics and is bakeable to 450°C.

Viewports are supplied in both the low profile Zero-Length configuration and Standard Length with extension collar. Non­magnetic standard length glass viewports are also offered.

Most Viewport types are available in a choice of mountings including Tube, CF Type Flange, and ISO Kwik-Flange® or Large-Flange®.

All Viewports are supplied with window faces which have been finished to standards suitable for most applications. Custom viewports are available on special request.

Choice of vacuum seal:

  • Metal Tube End, CF Conflat Flange®, ISO Kwik-Flange®, ISO Large-Flange®,
  • CF Type Flange and Tube end repeat bakeout cycles to 400°C (Except quartz windows 200°C Max)
  • CF Type Flange vacuum range to below 10-11 Torr.
  •  ISO flange repeat bakeout cycles to 200°C
  •  ISO flange vacuum range to 10-9 Torr.

Request a quote today on viewports for your application, or contact Larson Electronic Glass for assistance.