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Sapphire Viewports

Sapphire Viewports
Sapphire Viewport

Sapphire viewports are selected for their superior optical transmission properties in the IR spectrum. Windows are silver-brazed to Kovar® sleeves. They are mounted in stainless steel tube-weld adapters and CF type flanges for use below 1x10-11, or ISO type Kwik-Flange® or Large Flange® for intermediate vacuum ranges.

Sapphire window surfaces which are extremely hard and scratch resistant offer a minimum of distortion and provide maximum light transmission suitable for most applications. UV grade viewports have a 90° crystal orientation normal to the optical axis.

Sapphire Viewports:


  • Zero-Length offers greater distortion-free view area
  • Zero-Length magnetic Kovar® content only 1% to 3%
  • >80% Transmission from 250nm (UV Grade) to 4000nm
  • CF and Weld mount bakeable to 450°C, 25°C/Min gradient
  • Kwik-Flange® and Large-Flange® bakeable to 200°C

Request a quote today, or contact Larson Electronic Glass for help in selecting the right sapphire viewport for your application.


Standard Length

Standard Length

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