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Anti-Reflective Coating

A/R Transmission comparison

Glass and Fused Silica Zero-Length viewports are available with an optional anti-reflective coating. AR coatings increase the transmissive characteristics of the optic by almost completely removing any reflective losses from both surfaces. Three standard A/R coatings are available: 780nm, 1064nm, and 780-1064 Broad-Band coating. When ordering specify “AR” followed by the bandwidth after model number (Example: VP-150-F2-AR780-1064).  Please refer to price list or contact Larson Electronic Glass for pricing. Custom A/R coatings are available. Please contact the factory for pricing.


  • Standard A/R coatings available:
  • 780 nm
  • 1064 nm
  • 780-1064 Broadband
  • AR coating at 780nm and 1064nm transmission 99.5% minimum
  • 780nm - 1064nm broadband transmission 99% minimum
  • 200°C Maximum bakeout temperature.
  • Custom coatings available on request.