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Custom Design & Modifications

Custom glass to metal components

Custom Designs and Modifications

Our extensive line of standard products complete with specifications and dimensions are detailed in both our website and catalog. However, many other configurations and combinations of components are possible but not listed Larson Electronic Glass, LLC specializes in supplying modified, custom and special design products. Quotations can be made from your verbal description, a rough sketch, or complete engineering drawings. Please contact us for a discussion of your special requirements.

1. Specify type of glass and metal to be sealed

Common glasses include:

  • Quartz
  • 7052 Glass
  • 7740 PYREX®

Metals include:

  • Kovar
  • Copper
  • Type 304 Stainless Steel
  • Special alloys

Note that some glass and metal combinations require a graded seal transition. Type 304 Stainless Steel-to-Quartz Seals, for example, require a PYREX®-to-Quartz transition section.

2. Specify Design

For a fast quotation, simply mark up a drawing of interest and FAX (661-607-0279) or email the information to us. In some cases, engineering drawings are desirable. However, a verbal description or a rough sketch is often all that is required.

3. Note Special Requirements

Use of seals in your application may involve other than ordinary operating conditions and require special materials and fabrication techniques. Include information on expected temperature and vacuum /pressure range, corrosive environments, etc.

4. Specify Glass/Metal Seal Connection to System

Standard choices include:

• Weldable Tube Seals

• CF Type Vacuum Flanges

• ISO Kwik-Flange & Large-Flange vacuum seals

• Custom flanges and other type seals available

For additional information, refer to Making Connections To Glass-To-Metal Seals.