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Zero-Length Glass Viewports


Larson Electronic Glass zero-length glass viewports are supplied with fully annealed, commercial grade, optical quality 7056 glass windows in nine standard sizes from ¾” through 6”. Moderate cost combined with good optical and physical properties make them the preferred choice for a wide variety of applications.

Our zero length viewports are offered with CF type flanges for use below 1x10-11 Torr, and in ISO type o-ring seal flanges for use in intermediate vacuum ranges. Window surfaces offer a minimum of distortion and provide maximum light transmis­sion suitable for most applications. Custom viewports are also available.


  • Zero-length offers greater distortion-free view area
  • Zero-length viewports magnetic Kovar® content only 1% to 3%
  • Kovar® offers superior mechanical strength
  • >90% Transmission from 360nm to 2300nm
  • Optional AR Coatings available
  • CF mount bakeable to 250°C, 10°C/Min gradient , 200°C maximum with AR Coating
  • ISO Kwik-Flange® and Large-Flange® bakeable to 200°C, 10°C/Min gradient
  • Can be used with leaded glass shields

Request a quote today on the zero length glass viewports you need, or contact Larson Electronic Glass for assistance.

Larson Electronic Glass offers "Zero-Length Glass Viewports" available in 9 standard sizes from 3/4 inch through 6 inch with a variety of flange options. Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.


ImageZero-Length Glass ViewportsFlangeView diameter (V)Height (H)Glass thickness (T)Model NumberPart Number
111102-VP-075-F1-photo3/4" Zero-Length Glass Viewport1.33" CF.63".29".070"VP-075-F1111102
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-0.6-133112401
111104-VP-075-K1-photo3/4" Zero-Length Glass ViewportNW16.63".36".070"VP-075-K1111104
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-0.6B-K16112444
111105-VP-075-K2-photo3/4" Zero-Length ViewportNW25.63".21".070"VP-075-K2111105
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-0.6-K25112524
111106-VP-075-K4-photo3/4" Zero-Length ViewportNW40.63".50".070"VP-075-K4111106
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-0.6-K40112539
111110-VP-100-F2-photo1" Zero-Length Glass Viewport2.75" CF.90".50".085"VP-100-F2111110
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-0.9-275112405
111115-VP-100-K2-photo1" Zero-Length Glass ViewportNW25.90".51".085"VP-100-K2111115
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-0.9B-K25112445
111116-VP-100-K4-photo1" Zero-Length Glass ViewportNW40.90".45".085"VP-100-K4111116
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-0.9B-K40112446
111162-VP-150-F2-photo1-1/2" Zero-Length Glass Viewport2.75" CF1.40".50".105"VP-150-F2111162
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-1.4-275112402
111163-VP-150-F3-photo1-1/2" Zero-Length Viewport3.37" CF1.40".63".105"VP-150-F3111163
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-1.4-338112406
111166-VP-150-K5-photo1-1/2" Zero-Length Glass ViewportNW501.40".50".105"VP-150-K5111166
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-1.4B-K50112447
111167-VP-150-L6-photo1-1/2" Zero-Length Glass ViewportNW631.40".73".105"VP-150-L6111167
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-1.4-L63112541
111168-VP-150-L8-photo1-1/2" Zero-Length Glass ViewportNW801.40".73".105"VP-150-L8111168
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-1.4-L80112448
111192-VP-200-F3-photo2" Zero-Length Glass Viewport3.37" CF1.90".63".125"VP-200-F3111192
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-1.9-338112411
111195-VP-200-L6-photo2" Zero-Length Glass ViewportNW631.90".73".125"VP-200-L6111195
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG‐1.9‐L63112414
111196-VP-200-L8-photo2" Zero-Length Glass ViewportNW801.90".73".125"VP-200-L8111196
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG‐1.9‐L80112449
111212-VP-250-F4-photo2-1/2" Zero-Length Glass Viewport4.5" CF2.69".68".170"VP-250-F4111212
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-2.7-450112403
111213-VP-250-F5-photo2-1/2" Zero-Length Glass Viewport4.62" CF2.69".75".170"VP-250-F5111213
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-2.7-462112408
111233-VP-300-F6-photo3" Zero-Length Glass Viewport6" CF2.69".78".170"VP-300-F6111233
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-2.7-600112409
111235-VP-300-L10-photo3" Zero-Length Glass ViewportNW1002.69".73".170"VP-300-L10111235
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-2.7-L100112451
111272-VP-400-F6-0014" Zero-Length Glass Viewport6" CF3.88".78".200"VP-400-F6111272
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPG-3.8-600 112404