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Lead Glass Shields


Our Lead Glass Shields are used as a barrier to prevent X-Ray radiation while allowing a safe and clear view into the vacuum system. The shield is mounted to the atmosphere side of a standard CF type Zero-Length viewport using longer than standard bolts (bolts not supplied). The vacuum seal is made by the Zero Length Viewport.


  •  X-Ray Shielding
  •  Lead equivalent 2mm (.078”)
  •  Light transmission 85%
  •  Refractive index 1.76
  •  Can be mounted with the glass removable or non-removable
  •  Leaded Glass can be replaced
  •  Other flange sizes available by special order

Additional Information:

  • Lead Glass is not tempered or fire rated.
  • Hairline scratches are inherent in the manufacturing process of this glass.
  • Wipe smudges with a dry cloth, never use a wet rag.
  • Wipe fingerprints and grease off immediately to prevent tarnishing. If a dry cloth doesn’t remove smudges, use alcohol.

Larson Electronic Glass offers "Lead Glass Shields" available in 5 standard sizes that mount on CF flanges from 1.33 inch to 8 inch diameter. Dimensions are in inches.

ImageLead Glass ShieldsFlangeView diameter (V)Equivalent to lead thicknessModel NumberPart NumberPrice
141162-LGS-150_Photo1-1/2" lead glass shield2.75"1.4"2mmLGS-150141162$253
141212-LGS-250-Photo2-1/2" lead glass shield4.5"2.5"2mmLGS-250141212$393
141272-LGS-400-Photo4" lead glass shield6"3.88"2mmLGS-400141272$525
141292-LGS-600-Photo6" lead glass shield8"5.38"2mmLGS-600141292$700