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CF Flanges

CF Flanges

Larson Electronic Glass’s industry standard CF-type UHV flanges offer reliable sealing performance as result of the design geometry which “captures” the gasket material.

These CF flanges have a conical sealing edge that is pressed into the top and bottom surfaces of an OFHC copper gasket, a lateral cold flow of the gasket occurs. This cold flow is limited by the vertical flange wall. Further material flow is severely limited and high interface pressures are developed. These pressures cause gasket material to fill surface imperfections and produce a highly reliable seal. At high temperatures, the “capturing” geometry maintains high pressure despite of the gasket material softening.


  • Identical mating flanges - neither male nor female.
  • Mate with all other CF Conflat® flanges of the same size regardless of manufacturer
  • Easy repeated sealing
  • Leak tight even with minor nicks and scratches on gasket
  • Feedthroughs and other components can be welded or brazed to flanges
  • Available as blank, or bored to accept standard tube sizes
  • Copper gaskets, Viton® gaskets, and silver-plated bolt sets are offered

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