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Stainless Steel Bellows-to-7740 PYREX®

Bellows to Pyrex Both-ends

Larson Electronic Glass double ended PYREX® to bellows adapters allow a connection from PYREX® to PYREX® and have the flexibility to allow angular motion or alignment. These are not available with a flange.


  • 7740 PYREX® tube ends (both ends)
  • 321 SS bellows
  • Two bellows lengths available

Larson Electronic Glass offers "Stainless Steel Bellows-to-PYREX® Adaptors" available in 9 standard sizes from 1/4 inch through 3 inch. Bellows are supplied with standard thin cuffs, heavy cuff, vacuum flanges, or glass on both ends. Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.

ImageStainless Steel Bellows-to-7740 PYREX®Over All Length (L)Glass Length (G)Cuff lengths (C1 & C2)Flex length (F)Tube O.D.PriceModel NumberPart NumberPrice
1/4" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends9-1/2"3" (X 2)3/4"2"1/4"174BP2-025-L2313031$220
3/8" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends8-1/2"3" (X 2)3/4"1"3/8"174BP2-037-L1313051$220
1/2" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends9"3" (X 2)1"1"1/2"174BP2-050-L1313071$220
3/4" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends9"3" (X 2)1"1"3/4"202BP2-075-L1313101$255
1" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends9"3" (X 2)1"1"1"213BP2-100-L1313121$270
1-1/2" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends9"3" (X 2)1"1"1-1/2"264BP2-150-L1313161$330
2" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends9"3" (X 2)1"1"2"342BP2-200-L1313191$430
2-1/2" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends9"3" (X 2)1"1"2-1/2"437BP2-250-L1313211$550
3" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends11"4" (X 2)1"1"3"504BP2-300-L1313231$630
1/4" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends11-1/2"3" (X 2)3/4"4"1/4"202BP2-025-L4313331$255
3/8" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends10-1/2"3" (X 2)3/4"3"3/8"202BP2-037-L3313351$255
1/2" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends11"3" (X 2)1"3"1/2"202BP2-050-L3313371$255
3/4" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends11"3" (X 2)1"3"3/4"241BP2-075-L3313401$305
1" Bellows-to-PYREX both ends1" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends11"3" (X 2)1"3"1"241BP2-100-L3313421$305
1-1/2" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends11"3" (X 2)1"3"1-1/2"292BP2-150-L3313461$365
2" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends11"3" (X 2)1"3"2"392BP2-200-L3313491$490
2-1/2" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends11"3" (X 2)1"3"2-1/2"504BP2-250-L3313511$630
3" Bellows-to-PYREX® both ends13"4" (X 2)1"3"3"588BP2-300-L3313531$735