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Sapphire Viewports

Sapphire Viewport

Larson Electronic Glass sapphire windows allow the window to be mounted as close to the chamber as reasonably possible and allow the clearest access from the window surface on the air side. These windows are silver-brazed to Kovar® sleeves. They are mounted in stainless steel tube-weld adapters and CF type flanges for use below 1x10-11, or ISO type Kwik-Flange®. Optional flange weldments are available as special order.

Sapphire Window surfaces which are extremely hard and scratch resistant offer a minimum of distortion and provide maximum light transmission suitable for most applications. UV grade viewports have a 90° crystal orientation normal to the optical axis.


  • Offers greater distortion-free view area
  • ¾” and 1” are UV grade.
  • Magnetic Kovar® content only 1% to 3%
  • >80% Transmission from 250nm (UV Grade) to 4000nm
  • CF and Weld mount bakeable to 450°C, 25°C/Min gradient
  • Kwik-Flange® bakeable to 200°C

Larson Electronic Glass offers "Sapphire Viewports" available in 4 standard sizes from 3/4 inch through 2 inch with a variety of flange options. Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.


ImageSapphire ViewportsFlangeView diameter (V)Metal endHeight (H)Glass thickness (T)Model NumberPart NumberPrice
131101-VSZ-075-T-drawing3/4" Sapphire Viewport-.691-1/2" Weld Adaptor.44".080"VSZ-075-T131101$295
131103-VSZ-075-F2-drawing3/4" Sapphire Viewport2.75" CF.69-.50".080"VSZ-075-F2131103$390
131106-VSZ-075-K4-drawing3/4" Sapphire ViewportNW40.69-.56".080"VSZ-075-K4131106$390
131121-VSZ-100-T-photo1" Sapphire Viewport-.94"1-1/2" Weld Adaptor.44".080"VSZ-100-T131121$335
131122-VSZ-100-F2-photo1" Sapphire Viewport2.75" CF.94"-.50".080"VSZ-100-F2131122$425
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPS‐1.0‐275112416
131124-VSZ-100-K4-drawing1" Sapphire ViewportNW40.94"-.52".080"VSZ-100-K4131124$425
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPS-1-K40112419
131162-VSZ-150-F2-drawing1-1/2" Sapphire Viewport2.75" CF1.44"-.50".080"VSZ-150-F2131162$843
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPS-1.5-275112725
131164-VSZ-150-F4-drawing1-1/2" Sapphire Viewport4.5" CF1.44"-.68".080"VSZ-150-F4131164$906
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPS‐1.5‐450112417
131193-VSZ-200-F4-photo2" Sapphire Viewport4.5" CF1.94"-.68".094"VSZ-200-F4131193$920
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPS‐2.0‐450112466
5/8" Sapphire Viewport Photo5/8" Sapphire Viewport1.33" CF.59"-.50".062"VS-062-F1132092$345
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPS‐0.6‐133112415
5/8" Sapphire Viewport5/8" Sapphire ViewportNW16.59"-.50".062"VS-062-K1132094$345
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.VPS-.6-K16112418