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Sapphire Fiberoptic Feedthrus

Larson Electronic Glass’s Fiber Optic Feedthrough with Sapphire element provides a means of channeling light signals in and out of a vacuum chamber.


  • Choice of 1, 2 or 4 Light Ports
  • Sapphire for broader transmission range.
  • Sapphire mounted in KOVAR® sleeve
  • Choice of type 304 SS flanges
    • CF type flange
  • ISO Kwik-Flange®

Request a quote on the sapphire fiber optic feedthroughs you need, or contact Larson Electronic Glass for more information.

Larson Electronic Glass offers "Sapphire Fiberoptic Feedthrus" available in 7 different flange options with 1, 2 or 4 ports. Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.

ImageSapphire Fiberoptic FeedthrusFlangeI.D. of Port (A)Over All Length (C)Length on Vacuum Side (B)PriceModel NumberPart NumberPrice
1 Port Sapphire Fiberoptic Feedthru1.33" CF3/16"1-1/8"5/32"493SFOF-1P-F1420132$620.00
1 Port Sapphire Fiberoptic Feedthru2-3/4" CF3/16"1-1/8"5/32"504SFOF-1P-F2420133$630.00
1 Port Sapphire Fiberoptic FeedthruNW163/16"1-1/8"5/32"482SFOF-1P-K1420141$605.00
1 Port Sapphire Fiberoptic FeedthruNW253/16"1-1/8"5/32"493SFOF-1P-K2420142$620.00
2 Port Sapphire Fiberoptic Feedthru2-3/4" CF3/16"1-1/8"5/32"941SFOF-2P-F2420233,180.00
2 Port Sapphire Fiberoptic Feedthru3-3/8" CF3/16"1-1/8"5/32"952SFOF-2P-F3420234,190.00
2 Port Sapphire Fiberoptic FeedthruNW403/16"1-1/8"5/32"941SFOF-2P-K4420243,180.00
2 Port Sapphire Fiberoptic FeedthruNW503/16"1-1/8"5/32"952SFOF-2P-K5420244,190.00
4 Port Sapphire Fiberoptic Feedthru3-3/8" CF3/16"1-1/8"5/32"1848SFOF-4P-F3420433$2,310.00
4 Port Sapphire Fiberoptic Feedthru4-1/2" CF3/16"1-1/8"5/32"1871SFOF-4P-F4420435$2,340.00
4 Port Sapphire Fiberoptic FeedthruNW503/16"1-1/8"5/32"1848SFOF-4P-K5420444$2,310.00