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PYREX®-to-Soft Glass Adaptors

PYREX® to soft glass is used when a reliable vacuum seal is required between a borosilicate glass and a lime soda glass. A short stainless steel sleeve between the two glasses allows this adaptation.  This is also a nonmagnetic assembly.


  • 5 PYREX®-to-soft glass, standard sizes from 3/8” to ¾” (9mm to 19mm) with stainless steel transition section
  • Other non-standard sizes available

Larson Electronic Glass offers PYREX®-to-Soft Glass Seals (with a stainless steel transition section) available in 5 standard sizes from 9mm through 19mm and are also offered in other non-standard sizes. Dimensions are in mm unless otherwise noted.

ImagePYREX®-to-Soft Glass AdaptorsPYREX® length (P)Stainless steel transition length (T)Soft glass length (G)PriceModel NumberPart Number
9mm PYREX®-to-soft glass4"1-1/4"3"Contact FactoryPX009218009
10mm PYREX®-to-soft glass4"1-1/4"3"Contact FactoryPX010218010
13mm PYREX®-to-soft glass4"1-1/2"3"Contact FactoryPX013218013
16mm PYREX®-to-soft glass4"1-1/2"3"Contact FactoryPX016218016
19mm PYREX®-to-soft glass4"1-3/4"3"Contact FactoryPX019218019