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ISO Large-Flange Accessories

Larson Electronic Glass offers hardware for ISO Large-Flange and vacuum fittings. Our inventory includes claw-clamp style blank and bored flanges, as well as blank and bored bolt style flanges, stainless steel centering ring assemblies, double claw clamps, bolt sets, and rotatable bolt ring assemblies.


  • SS/Viton® Centering ring assemblies
  • Aluminum Double Claw Clamp
  • ISO M8 Bolt set
  • Replacement Viton® o-rings

Request a quote on the Large-Flange® accessories you need, or contact Larson Electronic Glass to learn more.

Larson Electronic Glass offers hardware for "Large-Flange" flanges from NW63 to NW200

ISO Large-Flange AccessoriesPriceModel NumberPart NumberPrice
NW63 Centering Ring SS/Viton65913606913606$65
NW80 Centering Ring SS/Viton80913608913608$80
NW100 Centering Ring SS/Viton80913610913610$80
NW160 Centering Ring SS/Viton95913616913616$95
NW200 Centering Ring SS/Viton140913620913620$140
NW63 Viton O-ring12913706913706$12
NW80 Viton O-ring18913708913708$18
NW100 Viton O-ring18913710913710$18
NW160 Viton O-ring30913716913716$30
NW200 Viton O-ring35913720913720$35
NW63 Double Claw Clamp (AL)10913806913806$10
NW80 Double Claw Clamp (AL)10913808913808$10
NW100 Double Claw Clamp (AL)10913810913810$10
NW160 Double Claw Clamp (AL)10913816913816$10
NW200 Double Claw Clamp (AL)10913820913820$10
NW63 Bolt Set pkg/4.10913906913906$10
NW80 Bolt Set pkg/8.20913908913908$20
NW100 Bolt Set pkg/8.20913910913910$20
NW160 Bolt Set pkg/8.30913916913916$30
NW200 Bolt Set pkg/12.40913920913920$40