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ISO Large Flanges

Large-Flange® ISO vacuum flanges are an economical system of reusable interfacing stainless steel vacuum fittings for larger sizes of tubing from 2-1/2 thru 20 inch. Vacuum seal is by compression of an o-ring between two like flanges which can be either Claw-Clamp or Bolt type. Standard components in this catalog are supplied mounted on Claw-Clamp flanges. These can be mated to bolt flanges with a Rotatable Bolt Ring assembly.

Assemblies are bakeable to 200°C intermittent and 150°C sustained. Operating pressure is 30psig positive. Viton® o-rings may require periodic replacement.


  • ISO Compatible
  • Type 304 stainless steel flanges
  • All metal Aluminum Claw-Clamps
  • Viton® o-rings bakeable to 200°C; sustained use at 150°C
  • Compatible with Bolt-Style flanges when using Rotatable Bolt Ring

Request a quote on Large-Flange® ISO vacuum flanges for your application, or contact Larson Electronic Glass for more information.

Larson Electronic Glass offers "Large-Flange" hardware available for flanges from NW63 to NW200

ImageISO Large FlangesPriceModel NumberPart NumberPrice
NW63 Blank Claw Clamp65913106913106$65.00
NW80 Blank Claw Clamp80913108913108$80.00
NW100 Blank Claw Clamp98913110913110$98.00
NW160 Blank Claw Clamp13091311691311630.00
NW200 Blank Claw Clamp230913120913120$230.00
NW63 2-1/2" Bored Claw Clamp65913206913206$65.00
NW80 3" Bored Claw Clamp75913208913208$75.00
NW100 4" Bored Claw Clamp91913210913210$91.00
NW160 6" Bored Claw Clamp136.5091321691321637.00
NW200 8" Bored Claw Clamp215913220913220$215.00
NW63 Blank Bolt Flange10591330691330605.00
NW80 Blank Bolt Flange11091330891330810.00
NW100 Blank Bolt Flange15891331091331058.00
NW160 Blank Bolt Flange275913316913316$275.00
NW200 Blank Bolt Flange275913320913320$275.00
NW63 2-1/2" Bored Bolt Flange10591340691340605.00
NW80 3" Bored Bolt Flange10091340891340800.00
NW100 4" Bored Bolt Flange15891341091341058.00
NW160 6" Bored Bolt Flange310913416913416$310.00
NW200 8" Bored Bolt Flange390913420913420$390.00