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CF Flanges Hardware

Larson Electronic Glass offers hardware for CF flange and vacuum fittings. Our inventory includes: Copper and Viton® gaskets, and bolt sets for both tapped and clearance hole flanges. Available sizes 1.33” thru 8”.

Available accessories include:

  • OFHC Copper gaskets
  • Viton® flat gaskets
  • 300 series stainless steel bolt sets

Request a quote on the CF flange and vacuum fitting accessories you need, or contact Larson Electronic Glass for more information.

Larson Electronic Glass offers CF hardware available for flanges from 1.33" diameter to 10" diameter.

CF Flanges HardwarePriceModel NumberPart NumberPrice
1.33" CF Flange Copper Gasket189114019114018.00
2-3/4" CF Flange Copper Gasket21911402911402$21.00
3-3/8" CF Flange Copper Gasket24911403911403$24.00
4-1/2" CF Flange Copper Gasket35911404911404$35.00
4-5/8" CF Flange Copper Gasket50911405911405$50.00
6" CF Flange Copper Gasket50911406911406$50.00
6-3/4" CF Flange Copper Gasket50911407911407$50.00
8" CF Flange Copper Gasket67911408911408$67.00
10" CF Flange Copper Gasket90911410911410$90.00
1.33" CF Flange Viton Gasket179115019115017.00
2-3/4" CF Flange Viton Gasket21911502911502$21.00
3-3/8" CF Flange Viton Gasket169115039115036.00
4-1/2" CF Flange Viton Gasket189115049115048.00
4-5/8" CF Flange Viton Gasket20911505911505$20.00
6" CF Flange Viton Gasket20911506911506$20.00
6-3/4" CF Flange Viton Gasket25911507911507$25.00
8" CF Flange Viton Gasket27911508911508$27.00
10" CF Flange Viton Gasket33911510911510$33.00
1.33" CF Flange Bolt Set Long: pkg/2525.50911701911701$26.00
2-3/4" CF Flange Bolt Set Long: pkg/2539911702911702$39.00