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ISO Large-Flange Accessories

Larson Electronic Glass offers hardware for ISO Large-Flange and vacuum fittings. Our inventory includes claw-clamp style blank and bored flanges, as well as blank and bored bolt style flanges, stainless steel centering ring assemblies, double claw clamps, bolt sets, and rotatable bolt ring assemblies.


  • SS/Viton® Centering ring assemblies
  • Aluminum Double Claw Clamp
  • ISO M8 Bolt set
  • Replacement Viton® o-rings

Request a quote on the Large-Flange® accessories you need, or contact Larson Electronic Glass to learn more.

Larson Electronic Glass offers hardware for "Large-Flange" flanges from NW63 to NW200

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NW100 Double Claw Clamp (AL)  NW100 Double Claw Clamp (AL)  913810  10

NW160 Double Claw Clamp (AL)  NW160 Double Claw Clamp (AL)  913816  10

NW200 Double Claw Clamp (AL)  NW200 Double Claw Clamp (AL)  913820  10

NW63 Bolt Set pkg/4.  NW63 Bolt Set pkg/4.  913906  10

NW63 Double Claw Clamp (AL)  NW63 Double Claw Clamp (AL)  913806  10

NW80 Double Claw Clamp (AL)  NW80 Double Claw Clamp (AL)  913808  10

NW63 Viton O-ring  NW63 Viton O-ring  913706  12

NW200 Centering Ring SS/Viton  NW200 Centering Ring SS/Viton  913620  140

NW100 Viton O-ring  NW100 Viton O-ring  913710  18

NW80 Viton O-ring  NW80 Viton O-ring  913708  18

NW100 Bolt Set pkg/8.  NW100 Bolt Set pkg/8.  913910  20

NW80 Bolt Set pkg/8.  NW80 Bolt Set pkg/8.  913908  20

NW160 Bolt Set pkg/8.  NW160 Bolt Set pkg/8.  913916  30

NW160 Viton O-ring  NW160 Viton O-ring  913716  30

NW200 Viton O-ring  NW200 Viton O-ring  913720  35

NW200 Bolt Set pkg/12.  NW200 Bolt Set pkg/12.  913920  40

NW63 Centering Ring SS/Viton  NW63 Centering Ring SS/Viton  913606  65

NW100 Centering Ring SS/Viton  NW100 Centering Ring SS/Viton  913610  80

NW80 Centering Ring SS/Viton  NW80 Centering Ring SS/Viton  913608  80

NW160 Centering Ring SS/Viton  NW160 Centering Ring SS/Viton  913616  95

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