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ISO Kwik-Flange Hardware

Larson Electronic Glass offers hardware for ISO Kwik-Flange and vacuum fittings. Our inventory includes: stainless steel centering ring assemblies, hinged clamps, and replacement Viton® o-rings. Available sizes: NW16 thru NW50


  • SS/Viton® Centering ring assemblies
  • Aluminum Hinged Clamp
  • Replacement Viton® o-rings

Request a quote on Kwik-Flange accessories you need, or contact Larson Electronic Glass for more information.

Larson Electronic Glass offers "Kwik-Flange" hardware available for flanges from NW16 to NW50

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NW16 Centering Ring Assembly  NW16 Centering Ring Assembly  912301  10

NW16 Hinged Clamp  NW16 Hinged Clamp  912501  10

NW25 Centering Ring Assembly  NW25 Centering Ring Assembly  912302  14

NW25 Hinged Clamp  NW25 Hinged Clamp  912502  14

NW40 Centering Ring Assembly  NW40 Centering Ring Assembly  912304  16

NW40 Hinged Clamp  NW40 Hinged Clamp  912504  16

NW50 Centering Ring Assembly  NW50 Centering Ring Assembly  912305  18

NW50 Hinged Clamp  NW50 Hinged Clamp  912505  24

NW16 Viton O-ring  NW16 Viton O-ring  912401  6

NW25 Viton O-ring  NW25 Viton O-ring  912402  6

NW40 Viton O-ring  NW40 Viton O-ring  912404  7

NW50 Viton O-ring  NW50 Viton O-ring  912405  9

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