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ISO Kwik-Flange Hardware

Larson Electronic Glass offers hardware for ISO Kwik-Flange and vacuum fittings. Our inventory includes: stainless steel centering ring assemblies, hinged clamps, and replacement Viton® o-rings. Available sizes: NW16 thru NW50


  • SS/Viton® Centering ring assemblies
  • Aluminum Hinged Clamp
  • Replacement Viton® o-rings

Request a quote on Kwik-Flange accessories you need, or contact Larson Electronic Glass for more information.

Larson Electronic Glass offers "Kwik-Flange" hardware available for flanges from NW16 to NW50

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NW50 Viton O-ring  NW50 Viton O-ring  912405  9

NW50 Hinged Clamp  NW50 Hinged Clamp  912505  24

NW50 Centering Ring Assembly  NW50 Centering Ring Assembly  912305  18

NW40 Viton O-ring  NW40 Viton O-ring  912404  7

NW40 Hinged Clamp  NW40 Hinged Clamp  912504  16

NW40 Centering Ring Assembly  NW40 Centering Ring Assembly  912304  16

NW25 Viton O-ring  NW25 Viton O-ring  912402  6

NW25 Hinged Clamp  NW25 Hinged Clamp  912502  14

NW25 Centering Ring Assembly  NW25 Centering Ring Assembly  912302  14

NW16 Viton O-ring  NW16 Viton O-ring  912401  6

NW16 Hinged Clamp  NW16 Hinged Clamp  912501  10

NW16 Centering Ring Assembly  NW16 Centering Ring Assembly  912301  10

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