Specializing in standard, custom, and modified Glass to Metal seals.

While we strive to manage costs wherever possible, based on the current economic climate, we have been forced to raise our prices. Please Email us for a quote.

As always, we are grateful for your continued business and hope that you will have patience with us during this time.

Larson Electronic Glass produces state of the art glass to metal sealing products. Components of unsurpassed quality have been supplied to government facilities, college and university science departments, and independent laboratories around the world since 1954. Applications include vacuum systems, including ultra high vacuum, and a wide variety of other devices and equipment.

While the company is best known for custom and one-of-a-kind prototype work, Larson Electronic Glass offers a greatly expanded line of off-the-shelf standard glass-to-metal products. Product categories include viewports and glass adaptors .      

To insure high quality standards, 90% of the manufacturing process is done at Larson’s own plant. This also enables Larson personnel to continue developing and refining the art of glass to metal sealing. An extensive inventory of raw materials is maintained to facilitate the timely shipment of orders

Request a quote today on glass to metal sealing products for your application,or contact Larson Electronic Glass for more information.

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