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SS Bellows-to-Glass Adaptors

SS Bellows-to-Glass Adaptors

Stainless Steel bellows to Glass adaptors

Larson Electronic Glass’s stainless steel bellows to 7740 PYREX® adaptors are offered in three standard configurations. CF or NW ISO vacuum type flanges, or metal tube end to SS bellows to PYREX® tube, heavy cuff to SS bellows to PYREX® tube, and SS bellows to PYREX® at both ends. Two glass lengths are offered; standard length and long length.


  • 9 standard sizes from 1/4 thru 3 inch
  • Other non-standard sizes available
  • Choice of two flex lengths (F) in each size
  • Custom flex lengths available
  • Quartz and special glass available
  • Choice of flanges:
    • CF type, ISO Kwik-Flange®, ISO Large, custom flange
  • CF type flange repeat bakeout cycles to 400°C
  • CF type flange vacuum range to below 10x-11 Torr
  • ISO flange intermittent bakeout cycles to 200°C
  • ISO flange vacuum range to 10x-9 Torr

Request a quote today, or contact Larson Electronic Glass for assistance in finding the right stainless steel bellows-to-glass adaptors for your needs.