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Double Ended Glass Adaptors

Double Ended Glass Adaptors

double-ended glass adaptors

Larson Electronic Glass manufactures double ended glass to metal seals for ease of connection. They are offered with metal tube ends or with standard vacuum flange styles.

Double-ended means matching standard vacuum type flanges or bare metal tube ends are supplied at both ends of the glass adapter allowing for convenient connection. Bellows are also available to compensate for flange misalignment.

Two standard lengths and custom lengths available.


  • 10 Standard sizes ½” thru 6”
  • Custom sizes available
  • Choice of materials:
  • 304 SS-to-7740 PYREX®
  • Kovar® to 7052 Glass
  • Kovar® to 7052 Glass with bellows at one end
  • Quartz and special glass available
  • Choice of standard length (L1) or long length (L2)
  • Tube or choice of flanges at one end
  • CF type flanges, Kwik-Flange®, Large-Flange®, or custom flanges
  • CF type flange repeat bakeout cycles to 400°C
  • CF type flange vacuum range to below 10x-11 Torr
  • ISO flange intermittent bakeout cycles to 200°C
  • ISO flange vacuum range to 10x-9 Torr

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