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Closed End "Domed" Stainless Steel-to-7740 PYREX® Adapters

Stainless Steel Adaptor

Stainless Steel to 7740 PYREX® Domed Glass Adapters are available from 1/2” to 4” OD. These can be without flanges or with standard vacuum style flanges. Custom combinations can be supplied.


  • Available in 9 sizes from 1/2” to 4”
  • 7740 glass tube
  • Stainless Steel metal tube end allows for easy welding
  • Bakeable to 450°C, 200°C with o-ring sealed flanges

Larson Electronic Glass offers "Closed End "Domed" Stainless Steel PYREX® Adapters" available in 10 standard sizes from 1/2 inch through 6 inch and are also offered in other non-standard sizes. Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.

ImageClosed End "Domed" Stainless Steel-to-7740 PYREX® AdaptersFlangeMetal endOver all length (L)Glass length (G)Metal wall thickness (T)Model NumberPart Number
3/4" Stainless Steel-to-PYREX®3/4" Stainless Steel-to-PYREX®1.33" CF-6-5/8"4-3/4"-SPD-075-F1-L1232102
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.SPD-075-133 211005
3/4" Stainless Steel-to-PYREX®3/4" Stainless Steel-to-PYREX®NW16-6-5/8"4-3/4"-SPD-075-K1-L1232104
Purchase at Accu-Glass Products, Inc.SPD-075-K16 211013